Specific Targeted Research Project - IST call 5
Micro/nano based sub-systems
Project No: IST-5-034099
Start: 2006 - Extended to: October 31, 2009
The final review of the MUTED project was held at Leicester on January 19, 2010

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The MUTED project will design and evaluate the next-generation of 3D autostereoscopic displays addressing the main barriers to their viability: lack of support for multiple mobile viewers and limited understanding of relevant human factors.

All of the MUTED consortium members have proven competence in the field most recently demonstrated in the successful FP5 IST ATTEST project and the FP6 IST 3DTV Network of Excellence; both of which provide a solid baseline for the proposed research through their display, head tracking and human factors components.

From the expertise and track record of its partners MUTED will enable development of a 3D display closer to a commercial product by developing a more effective and compact form, developing a non-intrusive multi-user head tracker, and obtaining a fuller understanding of the human factors considerations of 3D display. To facilitate commercialization we will leverage expertise from partner Sharp to address hurdles prior to mass manufacture. A future 3D display will not be a stand-alone set as it is now, but will be part of a comprehensive network where interactivity plays an important part.

The 30-month MUTED project will manage 30 person-years of effort at a cost to the EU of 2.925 M Euro. The first 4 months will validate the research agenda, conducting a design review and establishing performance metrics for the deliverables. In the second phase of 15-months a prototype will be developed to provide a platform for demonstration and formative assessment. The final 11-month phase iterates the development and consolidates know-how to provide a fully evaluated demonstrator, together with dissemination of specific and generalisable knowledge. Each phase has clearly-defined exit-strategy options.

MUTED will develop an advanced display platform and means of feeding usability knowledge into product design, supporting European business as well as providing project partners with their own exploitation opportunities.


Schematic Diagram
Courtesy of
De Montfort University

Due to delays in prototype delivery stereo-notebook Sharp AL3D and stereo-walls were used for verification of developed software packages.

There were several presentations of the MUTED project on going work and results,
namely at:

Major events, where we have presented relevant research results

WSCG 2010

WSCG 2009
WSCG 2009

GraVisMa 2009
GraVisMa 2009

WSCG 2008
WSCG 2008
De Montfort University
(Project coordinator)

(Bedford & Leicester, U.K.)
Sharp Laboratories of Europe
(Oxford, U.K.)
Heinrich Hertz Institute
(Berlin, Germany)
Technical University of Eindhoven
(Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
University of West Bohemia,
Computer Graphics and Visualization
(Plzen, Czech Republic)
Light Blue Optics
(Cambridge, U.K.)
Biotronics 3D
(London, U.K.)

Czech cooperating company
Three Brother s.r.o.,
(Prague, Czech Republic)
Rental of a digital camera Sony Z1 including accessories and external consultancy

The following software packages publicly available were developed within the MUTED project:

MUTED Meetings

University of West Bohemia Project Leader

Vaclav Skala

Jan Stefany

Vaclav Bystricky

Jan Krejcir

Jan Bartipan

Vojtech Hladik

Frantisek Novak

Oldrich Petrik

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Center of Computer Graphics and Visualization, Czech Republic


prof.Vaclav Skala
University of West Bohemia
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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CZ 306 14 Plzen
Czech Republic